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Best Entertainment DJ Service has been providing the Southern New England area with the "Best" music for their party for over 10 years! 

If you are you planning to have a party, school dance, prom, wedding or any other celebration that requires a live DJ, let us help you make it an event to remember! We are experienced DJs with a huge library of music from across the decades. We may specialize in top 40 dance music, but we also have a great collection of oldies, rock, country and hip hop. If there is something you need that we don't have, most likely we can have it ready to play at your event. In some cases, where there is an internet connection available, we can even download new music right on the spot at your request.

Our knowledgeable DJs have great personalities and can host your event with vocal announcements, party games and even crowd interaction to get your guests involved. We will do our best to provide you with the "Best Entertainment" for your event.

 We will also provide lighting to enhance the mood and get your crowd up and moving, at your request and with no extra charge!

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Get to know your Best Entertainment DJs!

Best Entertainment DJ Service wants you to have the best experience with our services.

So get to know us, and let us get to know you!


DJ/Owner/Partner: Jerred Best (a.k.a. "Jabo" or "Swift Cloud")

 Jerred has been a DJ since his later years of high school. One of his very first gigs, was a graduation party for a friend and fellow student. As he was just beginning in his hobby of DJing, he had a very small amount of equipment or music but a huge interest in expanding. After achieving success as the DJ for the party, despite his lack of equipment and music, he immediately went to work on his dream of starting a DJ business. He quickly began collecting music from almost every genre and soon sought after some much needed DJ equipment. As the years went on, the hobby eventually turned into a profitable side business as his experience grew.


In the early 1990's, Best Entertainment was born. Some time after Jerred's daughter was born, he eventually made the difficult decision to put his love for DJing aside so that he could concentrate on his love for his baby girl. A few years later, as he watched his daughter grow into a beautiful young teenager, the urge to continue DJing grew strong once again. The decision was finally made to start up the DJ business once again!

And low and behold,,,

Best Entertainment DJ Service is back in business!



DJ in training: Stacey "Static Noize"

Welcome our newest DJ in training!

 Stacey has been involved in the music scene for a while now, and has shown a strong interest in becoming a Best Entertainment DJ.

While in training she will be learning some of the latest techniques in the art of being a DJ. We look forward to sending her off on her own very soon!